Keith’s Blog

25 Jan

As I get older, I have become interested in helping to mitigate the global rich/poor divide. Whilst many aid models seem inefficient and ineffective, I like the Kiva micro-financing approach. Hence I am interested in the Kiva Fellowship program.

I have recently been a volunteer technical writer in the Kiva Technical Operations team at Howard Street. I am a member of the local Oxfam Action Corps. When young, I taught in Kenya for 2.5 years, but then entered commercial employment. I have travelled extensively in developing countries, especially in recent years to South East Asia and the Philippines. During the recent floods in Mindanao, I was actively involved in channeling money to individuals I know who were in emergency shelters.

I can bring the following skills, attitudes and experience:
– am organized
– have good written and verbal communication skills
– have computer skills (Excel, Word, Wiki, etc)
– can teach/train
– have managed people (10 years)
– have worked in foreign countries (including Africa and Middle East)
– am sensitive and genuinely interested in other culturesImage


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